Majo to Kiketsu no Kishi Vol. 7 Ch. 14 [END]

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We’ve done it. We’ve made it. This is Purified Scans’ first series we have completed from start to finish. Please continue to support the team members. Thank you to everyone who had a hand it helping with the releases, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We will be focusing on SNAN for the time being.


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I’m here to let everyone know that I have re-uploaded all of our KG@A chapters on MangaDex. The chapters should have better quality as well as little/less mistakes. I also did more redrawing and made the text more cohesive throughout all the chapters.

I mainly re-uploaded the chapters because I wanted better quality images. The grains/noise was annoying me.

I have no ETA on when the side chapters will be completed. I always let my translators decide what they want to do first. I hope everyone enjoys the better quality uploads. I will be working on re-uploading Kainushi wa Akuma next.