Shitsuji-dono ni Ai Neko Vol. 1 Ch. 1

We are pleased to announce that Purified Scans will be picking up another series by Kaji Eiri.

Please congratulate gr33ntime as this is her first official release with us!

I hope everyone will enjoy this series. We will update the description as soon as possible!

Read chapter 1 here.

Kainushi wa Akuma Vol. 11 Ch. 25 [End]

Read chapter 25 here.

I have so many mixed feelings. I’m so happy to see this series be completed, yet so torn. There were so many foreshadowed events.

There are still a lot of side chapters that have yet to be translated. Please give some love to Tsubomi as she works on Majo to Kiketsu no Kishi and the other side chapters for all three series.